Compliance Testing of Wireless Devices and Unintentional Radiators

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This workshop covers three standards.  The first full day plus a half-day wireless workshop provides an overview of the present standard C63.10 for unlicensed transmitter testing and the future standard C63.26 for licensed transmitter testing.  There will be specific emphasis on new procedures.  C63.26 is expected to be balloted in 2015. These two standards capture most of the procedures for testing unlicensed and licensed wireless devices to show compliance with FCC requirements. Group discussions and demonstrations will be a highlight of the wireless workshop.  The instructors have an intimate knowledge of the technology and helped in the development of these procedures.

The second half-day unintentional radiators workshop captures the procedures for testing unintentional radiators contained in the newly published standard C63.4-2014.  This half-day workshop will present major changes in C63.4 from the 2009 edition to the published 2014 edition.  It will be presented by the lead contributor of the standard.

While covering many of the procedures in C63.10-2013, this one and a half-day workshop will also focus on the following new material in C63.26-20XX

• Instrumentation requirements
• Average value of pulse emissions
• Antenna requirements
• Test site requirements
• RF output power measurements
• Modulation measurements
• Occupied bandwidth procedures
• Band-edge procedures
• Direct and signal substitution radiated emission measurements
• Frequency stability measurements
• Conducted tests at antenna port
• Smart antenna system tests
• Revised MIMO procedures
• Test procedures for RF repeaters, amplifiers and boosters
• Annexes covering example of OOB masks, consumer booster require-ments, ERP/EIRP guidelines, path loss characterization, sample test report, compliance tests verses regulatory requirements and other informative guidance
• In-lab demonstrations will show specific procedures for testing both licensed and unlicensed wireless devices

In the half-day C63.4 workshop, you will learn:

• RF emission measurement procedures
• National and international regulatory implications
• Test facility and instrumentation requirements
• Equipment test arrangements and configurations
• Differences between the 2014 edition and the 2009 edition and earlier

 Who Should Attend
 Those responsible for determining compliance with FCC Rules and Regulations, including:

• Product managers and developers
• EMC engineers and test technicians
• Regulatory compliance managers
• Test instrumentation developers
• Calibration and measurement accreditation bodies
• Lab quality assessors
• Test instrumentation and chamber manufacturers

Host Hotel – Hyatt Regency Santa Clara

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Date and Location

March 13-14, 2015
775 Montague Expressway
Milpitas, CA 95035
+1 408-526-1188

Expert Instructors

Art Wall, Radio Regulatory Consultants, Wireless Working Group Chairman; Mark Briggs, UL Director, Wireless Certification Program; Bob Delisi, UL TCB Project Lead; Donald Heirman, Don HEIRMAN Consultants, C63.4 Working Group Chairman and workshop director.

Fee Includes

Shuttle service to/from Siemic and the symposium host hotel, continental breakfast, lunch and breaks for both days and completion certificates.  Soft copy of workshop notes only will be provided.  (Fee does NOT include draft or published standards.)


C63.10/C63.26 Wireless Workshop – All day Mar 13 and Morning Only Mar 14
Mar 13:  Registration: 8:30 am
              Class: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Mar 14:  Class 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

C63.4 Workshop – Afternoon Only
Mar 14:  Registration:  12:30 pm
              Class:  1:00 pm to 5:00 pm