Global EMC University was first offered at the 2007 IEEE EMC Symposium in Honolulu to provide advanced education on a variety of topics that are an important part of EMC engineering. The overwhelming response to this program caused the EMC Society to add it to the technical program every year since 2007. It has continued to receive high praise from those who attend. The Board of Directors had voted to name the Global University in honor of Clayton R. Paul, who dedicated his career to EMC/SI education and was instrumental in setting up the initial Global University. We are pleased to be able to offer Global University once again at the 2015 IEEE International EMC Symposium and Signal Integrity in Santa Clara, California.

This year’s Global University offers 12 hours of instruction. Eight hours are on basic SI related topics and four hours on traditional EMC topics. The sessions are run in parallel with the traditional technical sessions at the symposium.  A broader set of EMC topics will be covered at the International Symposium on EMC in Dresden, Germany on Aug 16- 22, 2015.  Classes are taught by an international panel of educators, who have been selected for this program based on their reputation for excellence in areas of practical importance to EMC and SI engineers and their demonstrated ability to communicate effectively with students who are new to the field.

The targeted audience for GU SI are engineers who have been in the profession approximately 5 years, although past classes have included many veterans wanting to improve their understanding. The overall objective of this sequence of lectures and activities is to provide a comprehensive exposure to the basic concepts and skills that are necessary to be successful in the profession.


A certificate of completion will be provided to students who have signed in and signed out each day thereby confirming 100% attendance at all lectures.  CEUs will be assigned to this course.

Prerequisites: Engineering or Technology Degree with Electrical Theory

Audience: Engineers, technicians and professionals who want to gain insight into EMC and SI and the application to today’s technology.

Note:  Attendance is based on those who pre-register for the Clayton R. Paul Global University (on-site registration limited to openings due to cancelations), pay the full symposium registration fee, and an additional registration fee for these special classes.